Effective Tips for Starting an Advertising Business

June 21, 2017

To start up an advertising agency, you must do the following: form a business plan, look for investors, acquire the permits and licenses, advertise your company, make samples, and look for clients.

Because of the importance of advertisements in the success of a business, advertising agencies are hired by many companies to help them become more attractive to their respective potential clients. So if you are planning to take advantage of this scenario and open your own advertising agency, there are steps you need to know.

Business plan

The advertising industry is one of those industries wherein competition amongst businesses is high because of their number. Thus, to make your advertising agency get ahead in the race, you need to have a good business plan to help make your business successful. One way to do it is to find a niche, such as advertising for a particular field, like skincare.


Any business, big or small, will typically require some amount of money to open it and get it running in the initial stages. An advertising agency is no exception to this. Unless you are willing to shell out from your own savings account, you can always try to look for investors to provide you the right amount of funds. If your business is out-of-the-ordinary, you might even catch the attention of venture capitalists. Otherwise, turn to the people closest to you for financial help, like your family and close friends.

Permits and licenses

Permits and licenses are always needed before a business can start operating. There are different kinds of permits and licenses you need to get, which includes the Employer Identification Number. You can check out the official website of your state regarding the specific paperwork you need to acquire, or you can also ask assistance from the Small Business Administration.


You know the impact of advertising for a business, which is why you need to apply this to your own business, as well. How you perform or provide the services that you do is already advertising by itself. However, in addition to physical advertisements wherein you personally hand calling cards or brochures to potential clients, you also need to advertise through the web. Form a bigger audience and potential clientele by advertising your services over the internet.

Work samples

You need to have a portfolio to show to potential clients of what you are capable of producing for them. Use projects in the past. If you don’t have enough experience yet, you can also make sample projects just for the sake of having something to show to your potential clients.

Client search

Be proactive in looking for clients who will avail of the services that you can provide. Look for ones who are excited about fresh and new ideas in advertising and get them to love your presentation.

Advertising Business Opportunity – Make $50,000 Per Week

June 21, 2017

Almost every business pays handsome amounts (Maybe even thousands of dollars) to newspapers, radio, TV and other mediums. By having an advertising company you can earn more than $50,000 a week.

What advertisement agency do is that it will provide a cost effective advertising service to local businesses say for start and then you may expand your business to larger even at international scale. You can contact the business and provide a complete solution to their advertising needs. I would recommend to start a business at small scale and then to expand it as per your growth. You can start offering you services to local businesses for online advertising through newsletters, mails etc.

If you have an interest in an advertising business you can have some formal training say short courses offer by many universities or advertising agencies. That will give you some idea of how the advertising business is run. I have found many such online training offers very promising. You can subscribe to these and work through 3 months to longer programs. Study the information available online; see what successful advertising companies have achieved the top place in advertisement industry. You need to be baffled by the amount of information because you are not starting your business at very large scale. Market analysis and research will equip you with basic knowledge to start your own advertising agency.

As far as investment for starting advertisement business is concerned, it depends what package you want to offer to your customers. You might interview and seek help from people already in the business that might help you to get overall glimpse of the picture.